Adult autistic Shutdowns and Meltdowns

From the Inside Out: An Autistic Shutdown (reposted) from everyday aspie. This is the best example I've found online. Reposted without edits, I added my own photography. Autistics have shutdowns. It’s part of life. There are multiple root causes for a shutdown, including the result of sensory overload, physical and mental exhaustion, unexpected news, anxiety … Continue reading Adult autistic Shutdowns and Meltdowns

Positive aspects of Asperger’s / autism

By the Silent Wave (reposted) When searching for traits, characteristics, or symptoms of Asperger’s (and the rest of the autism spectrum, to an extent) online, the first–and the majority of–information you’ll probably find focuses on the negative aspects, at least as perceived by the “official sources” and “experts”.  It begins to sound like a broken … Continue reading Positive aspects of Asperger’s / autism