Raising my Spirits (photo story)

Feedback from people I know, and who have read my blog, is that I sound… sad… sorry ’bout that 😀

This blog is ‘my kind of boring’, so here’s a list of things that have raised my sprits – when I do them, I feel my happiness raised higher to joy. In no particular order, these are choices I can make and plan for myself.

Outside with Nature

The rawness of nature. There’s nothing like it. Walking, wondering, meandering through the hills and islands of Scotland… spotting wildlife spotting me. Otters, deer, birds, flora, insects… the colours of the Hebrides, the colours of sunsets, the skies, the moon… sands, seas, forests, lakes and lochs.

When I’m out there all my senses turn into consciousnesses, the dialogue with life and freedom, the beauty and vibrant colours of nature, the breeze, winds, soft or hard rain against my skin. I feel joy when I’m immersed in a natural world to the point of feeling overwhelmed… giddy… I can jump, crouch, bend my head and body any way I like. It feels immensely refreshing. I can breathe. I can feel me!

walking in and exploring nature with a friend – or Fifi-dog, she’s up for anything; sand, snow, hills, mountains, welly weather, in the tractor, in the rucksack or just being a princess.

Planning a photography escape, locally, in Scotland or travelling further away…

Strawberry moon, super moon, just moooooooooon!

  • Mr Morinaka – when I sit in a buddhist lecture and my mind pops with happiness because I feel on the same wavelength
  • Deep conversations with a friend, where we’re discussing the same picture and building on it

Delivering a difficult assignment – that feeling after college when I’ve finished it at last and my brain is fizzing like a really good prosecco

  • Seeing an orchestra – listening to clarinet, Mozart, just the radio as each instrument plucks at something inside my brain and sends vibrations through my body
  • Interior design – when I’ve just painted a room vibrant emerald green, the sun comes out from behind a cloud and shines in through the window, the air turns green.

Ticket for Mendelssohn 😀

  • Arriving and leaving the Victorian Bathhouse… swimming underwater, the steam room with eucalyptus oil, the Turkish room with tiny gem like windows throwing colour against the walls, the cool room for fresh flowing water and a gentle read
  • A week at a cottage in the Hebrides, whatever the weather, I can just be

Chanting with a purpose, feeling sensei’s heart, feeling excited about practising buddhism

  • Comfy, quiet, soft bed, tea, reading a book, Classic FM on low vol
  • My dog curled up with her chin on my leg
  • Snorkeling in warm clear waters, watching underwater sunbeams, feeling inseparable to the fish in the water in which we swim
  • Feeling my living space is in order and balanced… my brain feels elastic

Being with a friend and our interests match; we both love hunting for mushrooms!

  • Chanting with people and hearing a harmony then a wave of vitality and happiness
  • Drawing, painting, writing, smudging colour, making pink ink from rose petals
  • Being so immersed in a book, learning, stretching, feeling like I have become the book

Spending time with my son… matching our ideas, listening to him talk, seeing and experiencing the world through his eyes, excitement, curiosity, friendship, warmth, kindness and laughter. Just seeing him makes light bounce.

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