How to Talk Aspie

I found this blog a short while ago "Talking Aspie: a beginner's guide" and have reposted in full/ no edits. So a while ago I saw this post on Autistic Not Weird asking: if you could teach people one thing about autism, what would it be? The answers are many and definitely worth reading. I … Continue reading How to Talk Aspie

Do you Haiku? poetry tutorial

I love to read Haiku and have tried to create some... Here's a quick tutorial if you'd like to have a try.Since my house burned downI now own a better viewof the rising moonMizuta MasahideMizuta Masahide (1657–1723) was a seventeenth-century (Edo period) Japanese poet and samurai who studied under Matsuo Bashō. Masahide practiced medicine in … Continue reading Do you Haiku? poetry tutorial

What I love about my female Asperger / autistic behaviours

This blog is about my own experience of my autistic behaviours. I've seen and read lots of lists by other women and these have helped me identify as an adult with autism (Samantha Craft's list being my favourite). You can find these and other links on my page, "Am I autistic?" here Feeling different from the majority … Continue reading What I love about my female Asperger / autistic behaviours