Am I Autistic?

If you have experienced life-long problems linked to relationships, socialising, anxiety, depression and have to ‘struggle to fit in’, you may not be ‘neurotypical’

Links on this page are anything I’ve found useful and inspirational in learning about Adult Autism – especially for women

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Reading and Books

These are mostly Amazon website links. For digital reading – if you click on the ‘kindle edition’ you’ll see a button ‘send a free sample’ which is below ‘buy now’. You can try before you buy! (and no, I don’t get commission)

  1. Asperger Syndrome and Anxiety by Nick Dubin
  2. The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome by Tony Attwood
  3. Women and Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder by Sarah Hendrickx
  4. Odd Girl Out by Laura James

Links and articles – Identifying Autism in Women

  1. Adult Woman’s story of being diagnosed as an adult with autism here
  2. Is it Different and What Should I Look Out For? here
  3. USA DSM-5 Diagnostic criteria for autism here 
  4. UK Aspergers information here
  5. UK Autism information here
  6. UK Autism in adult women here
  7. Samantha Craft’s unofficial checklist for autism in women here
  8. Video: Tony Attwood 2016 – Aspergers in women here
  9. Video; Changing the face of Autism 2015; Autism in females here 
  10. Video: Michelle Vines 2014 – My life with Aspergers here
  11. Understanding the autistic spectrum comic strip by Rebecca Burgess here

Recommended Websites

  1. Scotland National Autistic Society here
  2. UK National Autistic Society
  3. USA based network promoting Spectrum solutions
  4. USA Spectrum Suite, Samantha Craft’s site
  5. AU Tony Attwood’s site is a guide for parents, professionals and people with Aspergers and their partners
  6. USA Autism/Asperger Network providing education, support, and community for adults, families, friends, professionals

My Own Choice of Blogs for Autism and Aspergers

  1. Elephants Remember here
  2. The Silent Wave here
  3. The art of autism – includes links to autistic bloggers here
  4. Musings of an Aspie here
  5. Penelope Trunk here
  6. Learn from Autistics here
  7. Autism Advocacy here
  8. Autistic Collaboration here