9 Keys for Handling Confrontation

Many autistic adults get told they don't seem autistic. This is because they have lived their lives learning, copying and masking communication differences to fit into a predominantly neurotypical world. Communication happens when one person sends a message to another person. This can be verbally or non-verbally. Interaction happens when two people respond to one … Continue reading 9 Keys for Handling Confrontation

An Outpouring of the Heart

I've posted in full, this essay I recently read, I hope you enjoy reading it. I've added my own photography. The cloud-seas of the heavens are riled by waves. The moon, a ship rowed into hiding behind a forest of stars. This waka-style poem was written some 1,300 years ago. It is included in the … Continue reading An Outpouring of the Heart

What I love about my female Asperger / autistic behaviours

This blog is about my own experience of my autistic behaviours. I've seen and read lots of lists by other women and these have helped me identify as an adult with autism (Samantha Craft's list being my favourite). You can find these and other links on my page, "Am I autistic?" here Feeling different from the majority … Continue reading What I love about my female Asperger / autistic behaviours