An Outpouring of the Heart

I've posted in full, this essay I recently read, I hope you enjoy reading it. I've added my own photography. The cloud-seas of the heavens are riled by waves. The moon, a ship rowed into hiding behind a forest of stars. This waka-style poem was written some 1,300 years ago. It is included in the … Continue reading An Outpouring of the Heart

Do you Haiku? poetry tutorial

I love to read Haiku and have tried to create some... Here's a quick tutorial if you'd like to have a try.Since my house burned downI now own a better viewof the rising moonMizuta MasahideMizuta Masahide (1657–1723) was a seventeenth-century (Edo period) Japanese poet and samurai who studied under Matsuo Bashō. Masahide practiced medicine in … Continue reading Do you Haiku? poetry tutorial