Am I or aren’t I?

I waited a long time for my autistic assessment. Here's a link to find out more if you're in the UK autism diagnosis for adults If you've been reading about adult autism/ Aspergers experiences from other women, you'll have a fair idea about what the diagnosis criteria are - and reasons for seeking diagnosis. I … Continue reading Am I or aren’t I?

Recovery after a Blunder

There are phrases that used to crop up due to my verbal blunders.  As I've become older my clumsy mis-steps tend to be followed by verbal silence and avoidance. You just put your foot in it... You'd think I'd learn. Well, of course I can learn. However my brain comprehends language linked strongly to visual … Continue reading Recovery after a Blunder

What I love about my female Asperger / autistic behaviours

This blog is about my own experience of my autistic behaviours. I've seen and read lots of lists by other women and these have helped me identify as an adult with autism (Samantha Craft's list being my favourite). You can find these and other links on my page, "Am I autistic?" here Feeling different from the majority … Continue reading What I love about my female Asperger / autistic behaviours

Adult autistic Shutdowns and Meltdowns

From the Inside Out: An Autistic Shutdown (reposted) from everyday aspie. This is the best example I've found online. Reposted without edits, I added my own photography. Autistics have shutdowns. It’s part of life. There are multiple root causes for a shutdown, including the result of sensory overload, physical and mental exhaustion, unexpected news, anxiety … Continue reading Adult autistic Shutdowns and Meltdowns