How to Talk Aspie

I found this blog a short while ago "Talking Aspie: a beginner's guide" and have reposted in full/ no edits. So a while ago I saw this post on Autistic Not Weird asking: if you could teach people one thing about autism, what would it be? The answers are many and definitely worth reading. I … Continue reading How to Talk Aspie

Telling my Ex I’m autistic

I invited my son’s father (Mr X) to join me in a drive to a buddhist meeting - he practises Nichiren Buddhism too.  He took a few days to think about it, saying he might need to work, then texted yes, he’d like to go in my car for the 45 minute drive. Why am … Continue reading Telling my Ex I’m autistic

About my Experience of Relationship Blindness (a long read)

One of my key difficulties, which I recognised in myself, when I started reading about adult autism was the friendships and relationship information. This is another area I can say, ooooh yes, I truly have struggled with this all of my life! From knowing myself and everything I’ve read, I agree that the way I … Continue reading About my Experience of Relationship Blindness (a long read)