Am I or aren’t I?

I waited a long time for my autistic assessment. Here's a link to find out more if you're in the UK autism diagnosis for adults If you've been reading about adult autism/ Aspergers experiences from other women, you'll have a fair idea about what the diagnosis criteria are - and reasons for seeking diagnosis. I … Continue reading Am I or aren’t I?

Recovery after a Blunder

There are phrases that used to crop up due to my verbal blunders.  As I've become older my clumsy mis-steps tend to be followed by verbal silence and avoidance. You just put your foot in it... You'd think I'd learn. Well, of course I can learn. However my brain comprehends language linked strongly to visual … Continue reading Recovery after a Blunder

About my Experience of Relationship Blindness (a long read)

One of my key difficulties, which I recognised in myself, when I started reading about adult autism was the friendships and relationship information. This is another area I can say, ooooh yes, I truly have struggled with this all of my life! From knowing myself and everything I’ve read, I agree that the way I … Continue reading About my Experience of Relationship Blindness (a long read)